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Visit and experience the heritage and architecture of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. We promise that once you are here, you will not return to your hometown with disappointment. We serve you with complete satisfaction. We also make sure you get the most amazing experience of discovering the Jaisalmer. This city is famous for the grand fort. It fences the city and other tourist attractions in Jaisalmer. This city is famous for its royal forts and palaces. Jaisalmer is a very safe city and security is high compared to other cities in Rajasthan. Jaisalmer is full of delightful surprises and memorable experiences.

Camel Safari

We develop An ideal Place To Stay in Desert.

Camel safari is nothing less than thrilling, exciting, and an altogether fabulous way to get a taste of the rural desert life as well. Trudging through the Thar Desert on the back of a seasoned camel is an experience that you would remember for years to come. A camel safari is a perfect way to discover desert regions, especially areas as historically and culturally rich as Rajasthan. Deserts are the highlight of Rajasthan, and the best way to experience such beauty is via a camel safari. A camel can take you to a spot where a jeep or ordinary motor vehicle will struggle to reach, makes for a magical journey, than any other you’ll ever experience.While riding a camel here, you can experience the rustic desert life up-close, as the village is home to mud and straw huts and the village folks prefer living the traditional way.

Jeep Safari

Perfact Adventure in Desert

If you think you are more on the adventure side then try the Jeep safari to explore the desert. Jeep Safari is considered the fast and comfortable way to explore the beauty of Jaisalmer. By jeep safari tours you can travel around the wildlife, dunes places, and deserts. Jeeps can take you to the interiors of a village or a town. This adventure will gift you memories to last for a lifetime. Jeep safari tours help you in discovering those aspects of Jaisalmer.


Perfact Adventure in Desert.

Are you afraid of heights? You want to fly, but false acrophobia you have, is stopping you? Well, take a trip to Jaisalmer deserts and experience parasailing there. Jaisalmer city with rich culture, ancient ruins, and man-made lakes makes the best spot for Parasailing in Rajasthan. Prepare yourself for a sail in the wind and catch the bird’s- eye view of the entire Thar Desert. As a part of the activity, parachutes are tied on the back of the jeep and flown in the direction of the wind. This entire activity is guided under the supervision of experienced parasailing instructors. Take the time off your hectic schedule and get ready to fly over the barren lands of Jaisalmer. The parasailing activity is fun & uncertain and we can bet you don’t want to miss out your chance!

Dinner at Dunes

Perfact Adventure in Desert

A private drive across sand dunes in a 4×4 vehicle adds unparalleled excitement to a not-so-typical date night. Once you arrive at a traditional Berber-style camp in the Sahara, enjoy a welcome drink at sunset followed by a 3-course dinner under the stars. The whole tour is limited to just you and your private party, making this a great option for a romantic night out—no planning required.

Village Safari

To Discover basic form of civilization

The most colorful villages are found in Jaisalmer region of Rajasthan. Here, villages are made up of hamlets, the most basic form of civilization, consist of a collection of huts that are circular and have thatched roofs. The walls are covered with the sand, cow dung, and hay. . The simplicity of the people, the color, and the traditions will touch your heart deep down.

Quad Bike

Perfact Adventure in Desert

If you are looking for some amazing quad biking experience, then this tour is a perfect fit for you. Indulge in the quad biking experience and explore the trails of the jungle in Rajasthan. Get an option to drive a 200 CC or 570 CC 4×4 as per your convenience and for kids 50 CC bikes are also available. Cover the distance of about 2 KM with your quad bike inside the jungle and the surrounding area. Have an amazing riding experience with the sightseeing. End your quad bike ride with lots of amazing memories.

Sunset & Sunrise Tour

To Discover basic form of civilization

Crown Desert Safari Camp Jaisalmer offering Sunset or Sunrise on Dunes at Sam Sand Dunes. At the time of sunset or sunrise dunes are seems to Golden . Crown Desert Safari Camp Jaisalmer also offer Camel Safari and Jeep Safari With Sunset and Sunrise.

Desert National Park Tour

Perfact Adventure in Desert

The Desert National Park owns a large variety of birds which include the Great Indian Bustard (choriotis and nigriceps) and a large bird with a height of 1.2m. Some of the Wildlife attractions spotted in the park are- eagles (short- toed eagles, tawny eagles and spotted eagles), harriers, falcons, buzzards, kestrel and vultures. It is difficult to sustain life in deserts; therefore plant life here lives on the edge. Tourists can indulge in various kinds of outdoor activities like jeep safari, bird watching, camping and bonfire. The most suitable method to explore the Desert National Park is jeep safari.


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